Life is not all about race bikes. Last Saturday proved life is also about motorbikes. I thought, “hell, what a difference? Also two wheels and a ‘bike’ in the name.” Well, I couldn’t have been more mistaken.


This unique experience was delivered to me by Ugly Motors, who are making their initial steps in a word of motorbike restoration. Their first project was manufactured in 1977 model of Suzuki GS400 which they turned into, as they say, a perfect urban head turner. But it’s not, as I initially thought, only about the looks. Just as road bike enthusiasts have their subculture and philosophy, cafe racer fans have their own, which dates back to the early 1950s. It’s a compilation of a unique look, style, speed, noise, that altogether constitute ‚a dream bike’ as some of its fans say.

Nowadays, none races from one cafe to another achieving ‘the ton’ as it used to be done in the past (cause there are no real cafes on motorways now – racing from one McDonald to another would be a waste, don’t you think?). But the subculture is not gone, neither its values are.
What I like about cafe racer culture is that it joins the past when everything was carefully and slowly man-made with the sense of freedom you get. I do feel the same sense of freedom when I’m racing down some deserted slope on my race bike. I’m cut from all ‘chaoses’ going in my life, no cell phones, no television, just me, the road and the bike. For some, the motorbike.
I don’t know much about motorbikes, I’ve kept storing stereotypical image of motorbike users in my head: mad-men (women) and organ-donors. I’m not into those noisy (yep. It’s noise for me) engines clothed into red (whatever) race bodies. Engine sound makes me jump. Nothing compares to a buzz a road bike makes.

Nevertheless, I will always share respect for fans of whichever thing, who do their job with devotion and dedication. For those who start with nothing but a dream. And after a while this dream materialises into a race bike, a motorbike, race bike socks, a pizza place or a cooking blog. Then the dream gets bigger and bigger and transforms itself into something you’ve never dared to think of. Something which brings you a pure joy, satisfaction and fulfilment. Once you have it – a mean boss, a rainy day, a sickness, a sadness, a weariness do not constitute threats for you. This game is worth a candle.

Coming back to Suzuki, tenderly called ‘Suzi’ – the guys turned it into a tastefully customised motorbike which even I like because it’s so British and I like UK stuff. It’s posh and stylish and it makes a man look like Olivier Martinez in YSL commercial. So, if one of you is in need, don’t hesitate, cos it’s for sale.

All pics were made in a lovely town of Lewin Brzeski, which is located in between Opole and Wrocław. We decided ‘Suzi’ would show her inner and outer beauty best when placed in front of a concrete wall nearby a newly built Nysa Kłodzka wier. The weather apparently knew we were up to something – after initially cloudy noon, it showed its sunny face.

By the way, the kiddo is not for sale. Isn’t she a cute Rocker Girl?